Friday, May 6, 2011

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

As promised yesterday I'm sharing with you my nail polish collection. I started this collection last Summer when I started experimenting with brighter nail colours. Most of them were fairly inexpensive because I tend to get bored with my nail colour after a couple of days which is when they start to chip anyway. The Essie one I got on ebay, the OPI one is from the Beauty show in the RDS that I went to with my mam a couple of months ago, all of the others are from Boots or the Catrice stand in Dunnes and the Nails Inc. one was free in a magazine. I didn't realise until I looked at them all yesterday how varied the colours in my collection are. My favourites are Lucky in Lilac, Demure Vixen, Emerald City, Iron Mermaiden and Clay-ton My Hero. What's your favourite nail colour for Summer?


Catrice- Lucky in Lilac; Essie- Demure Vixen; Nails Inc.- Warwick Avenue; Natural Collections- Antique Coral; Rimmel- Orange Bliss; No. 7- 50s Bobby Socks


Catrice- The Devil Wears Red; No. 7- Betty Blues; No. 7- Violetta; Catrice- Iron Mermaiden; Revlon- Emerald City; Rimmel- Sky High


OPI- Golden Rules; Catrice- Be My Millionaire; Catrice- Clay-ton My Hero; Catrice- Sand Francisco; Max Factor- Bronze; Max Factor- Ivory


Golden Rules, Bronze, Iron Mermaiden, Be My Millionaire, 50s Bobby Socks, Sand Francisco, Lucky in Lilac


I got these Barry M Nail Paints yesterday in Berry, Lemon and Blueberry. It was 3 for 2 and they were very inexpensive so I got some colours I didn't have!

I got a package in the post today that I had forgot I ordered. I think I'll wait until the Autumn to wear it (it's a brooch by the way, I just realised you can't see what it is from the front), I got it super cheap on Etsy with some money I had left over on my disposable credit card. I loved the little green oval on it.


Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend? As usual I'm looking forward to sleeping in, going to see a movie tomorrow and going out tomorrow night.

Donnacha showed me this video during the week and I almost died from the cuteness, I wanted to share it with you to give you a smile to start your weekend (as if you weren't already!)


  1. Jon Hamm of Mad Men really gets around these days. I enjoyed his stint on 30 Rock and it was fun to see him in this video as well. The blue yeti reminded me of a novelty song that was popular in 1958 when I was 8 years old. Here's a modern video interpretation for your enjoyment, dear Emma:

    I also want you to tell you what I told Cindy Ellison. In a few days I will be giving you the Versatile Blogger Award even though I am well aware that you already received it from somebody else. I don't expect you to act on it by listing 7 more facts about yourself unless you have a mind to do so. I want to name you as a recipient of the award because I appreciate what you're doing with your blog, because you vary the content nicely, because you are a very nice young lady and deserving of the award, and because I very much appreciate your friendship!

  2. who doesn't love jon hamm... can't wait for a new season of mad men...

    nice collection BTW...

    have a great weekend!


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