Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blooming Bow

I received a lovely package in the mail on Friday which was a great start to my week off. I ordered another of Alexandra Grecco's gorgeous creations. This is the Samantha Garden Bow in Medium.









I'm thinking about wearing this for Kate's wedding at the back of my hair like in the fourth photograph. It matches the shoes I got for the wedding perfectly. Who knows, I may change my mind before then, but we booked our flights during the week so it makes it more real! I'm so excited! Kate has her dress picked out and is having it custom made by a seller she found on etsy. It's so gorgeous, but she'll look beautiful no matter what she wears!

The weather is still horrible and the Queen was here all week so between the two we didn't get to take photos because everywhere was closed off. Hopefully it will be nice during my week off.

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far, more from me tomorrow after I go and see Pirates of the Caribbean !

Emma x


  1. You are a gift to the blog world, Emma, and it's fitting that a gift as lovely as you should have a pretty bow on top! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

  2. It looks lovely on you!
    Glad to hear about the wedding, I am soo into weddings and all sorts of happy events :D

  3. This is such a beautiful bow ... loved the tiny flowers on it and the color. You have such good taste!

    Cindy ♥

  4. that bow looks like it was made for you! I will have to check out some of her creations, a girl can never have too many hair bows :)

  5. The bow is lovely, I wish I was as creative with my hair. :)


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