Friday, May 27, 2011

Film Style Inspiration- West Side Story

I honestly didn't think I would get to take my film inspiration photos this month. The May weather has been just terrible here. It's been so so windy, cloudy, rainy and cold! I can't believe the difference in the weather compared to April which was glorious. Hopefully June will be better!

So this month's film style inspiration is from one of my favourite musicals West Side Story. I can't remember exactly when I first saw it and I don't think I've actually seen it that many times but I grew up listening to the soundtrack on cassette tape as my parents were huge fans and always had it playing in the house when we were kids. More recently after finishing Twin Peaks I found out that Tony was played by Richard Beymer aka Benjamin Horne from Twin Peaks and Russ Tamblyn aka Dr. Jacoby was one of the Jets. If you haven't seen the film chances are you know at least one of the songs from the soundtrack. It's definitely one of my favourite film soundtracks, Leonard Bernstein is a genius in my opinion!

Since I got this dress in work for my uniform it has reminded me of West Side Story even though the actual film costumes are colourful, full dresses with circle skirts but it has that Latin-America feel to it so it became the foundation for a very loose interpretation of a West Side Story costume. Hopefully you'll get what I was going for. Unfortunately it was very cold and windy (as well as sunny) on the day we took these photos so I had to wear tights and different shoes than I had intended to wear.

We took these photos in Dublin Castle, I wanted a more urban feel to them like the set of the rooftop in the scene where they sing America, but this poor man's rooftop will have to do!












Demi Dress- Monsoon
Flowers, earrings, fan, bangles- Accessorize
Shoes- Clarks
Eye Make up- Urban Decay Naked Palette
Eye Liner- L'oreal Superliner
Lipstick- Revlon Really Red

This film is a must for any lover of musicals! Here is one of my favourite songs from the soundtrack;


  1. I am ashamed to say that I have never seen this film. Please dont judge me. I will remedy this issue shorty. You look simply beautiful, I always adore the vibrant colors in your pics.

  2. Ditto what Amber Blue Bird wrote, Emma. You are one striking woman - Miss Photogenic in my book. As I wrote to you on my own blog I can't believe how nasty the UK weather has been of late. I hope the sun comes out and the temperature rises very soon. I'm glad you pointed out for those who are unaware that Richard Beymer and Russ Tamblyn were two of the stars of West Side Story long before they spooked us on Twin Peaks. We would have to assume, of course, that people will know and remember Twin Peaks, but sadly we cannot make that assumption. I am finding far too many people who have little knowledge of or interest in the 20th century. As you might know Russ Tamblyn has an actress daughter named Amber who starred in her own American TV series Joan of Arcadia (with her dad guest starring), the current series House, M.D., the movies Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I and II and many other projects. Please have a delightful weekend in spite of the weather, dear friend Emma!

  3. wow! look at you, beautiful emma! i love, love, love the picture of you by the wall! that should be blown up and framed! :)
    i adore your film inspired posts! xoxo

  4. ♥ Oh lady. I love this!!!! You are such a stunner! And now I'm off to go watch WSS

  5. The Best! I LOVE this post! You look beautiful, love the lacy sleeves on the dress. The colors are so vibrant and the dramatic shadows in the picture against the wall are special. It appears the lighting was perfect that day.

    Natalie Wood has always been a favorite of mine. Have you ever seen the old B&W movie, 'Splendor in the Grass'? A favorite of mine, you might like this. Love the YouTube of "Somewhere". Have to make myself not cry when I listen to it!

    Thank you, I appreciate all the effort that was put ito this post.

    A+ Emma, have a relaxing weekend! ~♥~

  6. Emma, at your earliest convenience please check my new blog post. I have tagged you, given you an award, and profiled you. If you are too slammed to follow all of the award rules please don't let it concern you. Just accept them and enjoy the recognition knowing how much I admire you!

  7. Emma I have just found your blog via Shady's tag award. I am so thankful as your blog is beautiful ( as are you) and you clearly are a girl after my own heart. Westside story is one of my favs, you look wonderful. x

  8. I'm glad I found your blog and this is an inspirational look! :)
    may x


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