Monday, October 10, 2011

Naked Eyes- Creep, Gunmetal and Half Baked

It's less than a month to my sister's wedding now and it's been quite hectic here recently trying to get the last few bits done before we fly to Rome. I can't believe it's nearly here, it still doesn't feel real! My dress and shoes are sorted, Kate's dress is on it's way (she got it made by a dressmaker on etsy). I did a trial of her hair and make up today and she seemed very happy so that's a load off my mind, it's a lot of pressure making a bride look her best on her wedding day, but I'm lucky to have such a great canvas to work with! 

Unfortunately there have been some health issues with Donnacha and my mam and that's put a bit of a dampener on the preparations but we're hoping that it will turn out to be nothing and that they will both be okay. 

I am trying to get as much blogging done in the next few weeks as I can and get another video filmed as soon as possible so that I can concentrate on the Wedding photos when I get back. I have a lot of make up related things to talk about since I've been trying out so many new products (I hope it won't be too boring for some of you). 

I thought I'd finally start showing you some of the looks I've created with my Urban decay Naked palette.






I used Gunmetal all over the lid, Creep on the outer corner and Half Baked on the inner corner. On the lips is Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Pink Ice. Bit of a different look for me, I wanted to try something new!

Oh also I got a promotion of sorts in work, I'm now doing the visual merchandising in the children's department. It's pretty scary having such a big responsibility but I just want to get as much experience as I can for the future.

How are you all?

Emma x


  1. Love the look.. you're so pretty! Hope everything will be fine with Donnacha and your mum :) x

  2. I love your look, Emma! I can sense your excitement over your sister's big day. I am very sorry to know that Donnacha and your mam have been experiencing some health issues. I hope they both bounce back to 100% in time for the wedding. Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend!

  3. WOW!! beautiful eye makeup...and your palette is my DREAM palette! those are the only colors I tend to feel comfortable using on my eyes. thanks for sharing!

    follow each other?

  4. I hope everything turns out alright with your mom and Donnacha. As for you, you HAVE to do a makeup tutorial and show me how to get my eye makeup to look that awesome. Get on it! :)

  5. gorgeous makeup! wow, you look beautiful! and congrats on the promotion! that plus an upcoming all sounds great!

  6. Hi Emma! Gosh, it has been so long since I have "seen" you! First of all, I sure hope Donnacha and your mom have received word by now that everything is fine. The eyeshadows look beautiful on you, the photos were beautiful as ever! I wrote down the name of the Revlon lip gloss. I know that we (the US) don't seem to always have the same colors as you have there. I remember looking for the Emerald Revlon polish when you first wore it and I could not find it. Not long ago I bought a Revlon color that I liked, it is called Hot for Chocolate. It's a good color for fall. I was thinking hot fudge when I was painting my nails, I had to remind myself it was not chocolate and that I did not need a taste! I know you all are so very excited about the wedding. Also, congratulations on your new promotion. As artistic as you are, you will be perfect for the job.

    Please take care and keep us posted when you find the time ♥ Even a short "mini" blog :-)

  7. fantastic the colors! congrats on the promotion!

  8. Wow what a stunning make-up look, its incredible what you have created - I love the slight contrast in shades, what a beautiful face she has as well, she looks great to have worked with!


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