Monday, October 31, 2011

Film Style Inspiration- The Addams Family (Wednesday Addams)

I didn't think I would get to do my Film Style post this month between everything we have going on, but thankfully Donnacha and I took some time yesterday to take these photos in the same place we took these ones. Things have been so hectic I haven't really had a chance to think about blogging at all, but I wanted to get one post in before we go away this week. So this is my Halloween film style post. I didn't end up dressing up in a costume at all so this will have to do. It's my interpretation of a grown up modern Wednesday Addams. Hope you enjoy!
















I almost forgot to tell you a funny story that goes along with the photos. Donnacha and I were just about finished when we saw a Dublin city council worker in a hi-vis jacket walking around the perimeter of the park. We were packing up our stuff when we heard him talking behind us, I though he was talking to us so I turned around only to see him nudging something behind a bush with his foot. Turns out some sort of intoxicated vagrant had made himself a nice little bed in the middle of the bush and was now almost comatose and wouldn't move so the guy started to threaten him with called the GardaĆ­ (Irish word for police). We decided that was a good time to scadaddle! The charms of Dublin are endless!

I apologise for not keeping up with my commenting etc, I will be back to normal next week! (Hopefully)

I hope you all are well,

Emma x


  1. Love this look, the make up especially. Really enjoying these posts :)

  2. You make a beautiful Wednesday every day of the week, Emma! I am currently watching Christina Ricci's new ABC television series Pan-Am. As you might know, Christina played Wednesday in the 1991 movie version of The Addams Family. Lisa Loring played the role in the 60s TV series. I want to thank you for reconnecting with me, Emma. Your friendship and loyal support of my blog mean a lot to me and I am happy to demonstrate my support of yours as well.

  3. So cute! Your eyeliner is absolute perfection! xx

  4. Wow, these photos are gorgeous! Well done!


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