Saturday, October 15, 2011

With Flaming Locks of Auburn Hair With Ivory Skin and Eyes of Emerald Green

On Thursday my mam, my sister Kate, her fiancé Eric, Donnacha and I all attended the wedding of a childhood friend of Kate and I. Our families "grew up together" as it were and the bride Colette's sister Lisa has been one of my best friends my whole life. The wedding was so beautiful and everything was Autumnal themed including the bridesmaids dresses, flowers, orders of service and decorations. We were so lucky with the weather we got for the day, it was such a beautiful sunny day and it made for some great photos. I have more photos to show you of the church, the reception and all of us but for now here's my outfit.        








I died my hair again this week so as you can see it's quite red! this day three weeks Kate and Eric will be married and we'll be in Roma! I can't wait!

I hope you all are well, thank you so so much for all the kind and thoughtful words about my job and Donnacha and my mam, I know they both appreciate all the love being sent their way. We have a while to go with their health issues so all of the support means a huge amount to me and my family. 

Emma x


  1. Lovely photos. Your hair is beautiful. You really suit the vibrant red shade. Hope the wedding goes well.

  2. You and your mam and Donnacha have my love and support, Emma, and I am equally appreciative of yours.

    The title of this post caught my eye because Flaming Locks of Auburn Hair With Ivory Skin and Eyes of Emerald Green are among my favorite attributes in a woman. I'm sure you chose the title because the lyrics come from "Jolene" by The White Stripes, originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton. I found the Wiki account of the song's origin amusing. << Parton has said that the inspiration for the story was a tall, red-headed bank teller who Parton believed was flirting with her husband, and her husband's apparent vulnerability to the teller's charm as indicated by his sudden interest in making frequent trips to the bank. In her live performances of the song, Dolly often states she fought this woman tooth and nail for her husband. The name "Jolene" came from a beautiful little red-headed girl with green eyes who sought her autograph at a concert. >>

    Have a delightful Sunday, dear friend Emma!

  3. I love your hair color! red is my favorite :)

  4. You always look so so good with red.. and red hair obviously suits you a lot :) x

  5. I loved the title of this blog post! I read Shady's comment. Jolene has always been a favorite song of mine. You looked beautiful in the polka dots and matching lipstick and nail polish. Your hair looks so pretty and most importantly, very healthy and shiny. Hopefully very soon the health problems of your mom and Donnacha will be behind them for good! The pictures were beautiful and look forward to seeing more! ♥ Thank you, Emma.

  6. the whole time i was reading this i was singing the lyrics to your title over and over until i finally figured out what song it is from! haha, good choice! :)
    you look lovely in the darker shades and your red hair suits this ensemble quite well! i hope you have a lot of positive news ahead with your loved ones! xo


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