Thursday, October 18, 2012


I was recently invited to explore which is the website for the Edinburgh based store of the same name. It stocks homeware and men's and women's clothing and accessories by many different designers from countries all over the world such as Sweden, the UK, Denmark, France and Australia. Here are some of my favourite items from the shop.

Goodstead Collage

The Bernadette Jacket is by a brand called Wood Wood founded in Copenhagen in 2002. Their free spirted, open minded and no rules ethos has translated into unique pieces and has made them into a cult design brand in Denmark.

The belt is by Scottish brand Folk Clothing. Their aim is to create detailed clothing and accessories with the best materials.

I have been loving ankle boots for Autumn and these tan suede ones from London footwear brand Miista caught my eye straight away. The aim of Miista is to create footwear that is the antithesis of "conventional" styles and looking through their collection it's clear they have succeeded in creating something really special and different to what I see every day on the high street.

Anyone living in the UK or Ireland knows how much of a necessity it is to always have an umbrella at hand. No matter the season it is guaranteed to rain when you least expect it so I always have a small compact umbrella in my bag. This gorgeous Navy Lifesaver umbrella from British umbrella brand London Undercover  ( I love the name!) does exactly what the brand aim to do which is creating a functional fashion accessory and re-imagining the "boring, disposable" everyday umbrella. Living in a country where it rains so often, it really does make a difference carrying around a big sturdy and classy umbrella. I even love their Beans on Toast and Bangers and Mash styles that are on the less expensive end of the scale compared to their other styles.

How cute is this coffee bean print dress from French brand Sessun? The idea behind the brand is to create a "substantial wardrobe" instead of a seasonal one with emphasis on line, shape and materials. This is a brand I can totally get behind! I am all for style, tailoring and quality over fashion trends and cheap ill-fitting clothes made in large quantities. Emma Francois' designs are pretty and feminine but also tailored and versatile classics.

I adore this Bone ring from French brand Calourette (which means "little bohemian"). Designer Marianne Rautureau's jewellery is whimsical and very unusual. Her pieces would make a great gift for anyone who likes jewellery that is a bit different.

Lastly is this watch from Uniform Wares, a British timepiece design company. This along with the Folk belt are actually from the men's section of goodstead, but I really like both items. This watch is exactly the kind that I've been looking for- simple and classic. If the face was gold it would be perfect!

So those are my picks from Goodstead. What I really love about the site is that it brings together designers that all seem to have the same objective- to create quality, classic and unique items which in a world of disposable fashion is quite refreshing!

What do you think? Do you have a favourite item from my selection?

Emma x

***This post was written on behalf of Goodstead.


  1. Oooh I do love the boots and the ring, great selection!!

    1. Thanks Jules, I love them both too! They're on my Christmas wishlist!

  2. everything is pretty but I especially love the umbrella. I feeds my inner Mary Poppins enthusiast.

    1. It's an umbrella Poppins would be proud of!


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