Monday, October 22, 2012


If I haven't mentioned it already (I know I have), I'll be flying off to Paris in a few weeks time and this week I've been deciding on the outfits I'm taking with me for my five day stay in the fashion capital of the world. We'll be doing a LOT of walking and therefore I want to be comfortable but still at least try and look good doing it.

I was browsing Trilogy recently and I put together some items I think would be perfect for a tourist in Paris to wear.

  Trilogy Collage copy

How fitting that this scarf is from a brand called Douce Gloire. With it's neutral colour palette this cosy looking cashmere scarf would be perfect to keep me warm on a chilly November evening walk along the Seine.

This oatmeal oversized cardigan from Chinti and Parker looks so comfortable and would be great for layering under a coat if it got a bit colder.

How cute is this Zoe Karssen t-shirt? Would it be a bit cliché to wear an Oh-la-la t-shirt in Paris? I don't think anyone could really blame me!

Lastly, I would top off the outfit with very simple jewellery. This bracelet by Monica Vinader would be the perfect addition to any outfit. I love the delicate gold band and mixed materials.

What would you wear on a trip to Paris, comfortable or stylish?

Emma x

***This post was written on behalf of Trilogy. 


  1. Hi, Emma! I'd probably choose comfort over style if I was going to do a lot of walking and sightseeing over there. The articles of clothing and accessories shown here would look marvelous on you. I can't wait to see the pics taken on your holiday. Have a wonderful week, dear friend!

    1. I will definitely be choosing comfort despite the fact that Paris is the fashion capital of the world!

  2. I would be a mixture of both. I have to wear a funky overcoat but I'm definitely a flats girl. Oh and you can't go wrong with knitwear! :)

  3. that cardigan would be perfect for your trip to Paris. You know what else would be perfect? If you stuffed me in your suit case and brought me along :)

  4. That bracelet is really pretty and I love the cardigan!
    I'd definitely dress for comfort as there will be a lot of walking! x

    1. I agree! My weary feet will thank me I'm sure!

  5. How exciting it is that you are going to Paris! I think comfort and black is important. I wear so much black and especially
    when traveling by air or car. It seems I am always spilling something on myself and of course the black does not show stains. I try to make up for the so called blandness of black by wearing some favorite jewelry.

    The only time the black does not work is when you are eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.
    Even the chairs are sticky with powdered sugar.

    Have a wonderful trip, Emma! Can't wait to see pictures from Paris!

    1. I can only imagine how wearing black and eating beignets would work!! I love black too, I agree with you, I like to brighten it up with accessories whether it's jewellery or a scarf.


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