Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Colossal

I received Maybelline's The Colossal mascara in my December Glossybox and I loved it so much that I repurchased it in the waterproof formula as soon as it ran out. 


This is going to sound completely ridiculous but my taste in mascaras seems to have changed over the past year. Before I would have been looking for length and definition over volume but after trying out some different mascaras recently, I found myself really liking the voluminous, lashy look reminiscent of the sixties. I especially loved it during the Christmas period when I was wearing a bit more eye shadow than usual. It's also great with minimal eye make up and a bright lip or winged liner and nude lips for that Jean Shrimpton look.

 The formula is enriched with collagen so it's supposed to give your lashes lots of volume which it definitely did for me. I found the non waterproof one slightly better than this one and I'd go for that one over the waterproof when I buy it again. I was already a fan of Maybelline mascaras but I hadn't gotten around to trying this one yet.

I usually shy away from big mascara wands, but I love this one. I usually apply two coats depending on the look I am going for, one coat gives a more subtle effect. The formula is similar to The Falsies, the perfect medium of neither being too dry nor too wet so that it's easy to work with. I use an eyelash curler with all of my mascaras and I find that this holds the curl well and doesn't drag it down like some mascaras can do. I can attest to the fact that this is properly waterproof (yes, I have cried whilst wearing it, for review purposes only!). You will definitely need a waterproof eye make up remover for this one. It retails for approximately €9.99 which is a very fair price compared to some other high street brands.

What mascara are you using at the moment? Do you have any recommendations?

Emma x


  1. I only tried this a few days ago and it did nothing for me but looks great on your lashes!!! Must try it again!

  2. I can't fault Maybelline mascaras. So many to choose from, an array of brushes and formulas to suit everybody! I've currently rekindled my love for The Falsies. Such a goody! :)


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  4. I loved this mascara for a while but now I've moved onto Max Factor's false Lash Effect which is awesome.

  5. It looks amazing on your lashes!! I've tried this and didn't love it (same as The Falsies :() The Maybelline marcaras just don't seem to work for me! Very annoying :/

    alex @

  6. This looks amazing on your lashes but I'm sure that under the mascara you've got pretty lovely lashes to begin with! I've tried this exact mascara before, picked it up in australia on holiday because it's not found here in singapore but it didn't do anything for mine. The formula is too wet and the brush barely puts product onto my thin short asian lashes! I do love their false lash mascara with fiber, it really adds, volume and length which I need most!

  7. You are so gorgeous! This looks so amazing on you but big mascaras don’t work of my tiny lashes! Your photos are so clear and beautiful!


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