Saturday, April 18, 2015

Armani Eye Tints

These Armani Eye Tints are my first venture into the Giorgio Armani beauty range, for shame! After trying these just once I could already see why people rave about Armani Beauty. The products are such beautiful quality.

The Eye Tints come in 12 shades ranging from pale neutrals to vibrant greens and dark blues, there is something for everyone. I have never tried an eye colour like these before. The innovative formula uses a unique water/pigment suspension which means that the fine pearl pigment is dispersed evenly across the eyelids and stays put for up to 16 hours without creasing or smudging. 



I was sent two shades from the new Eye Tint range, Cold Copper and Rose Ashes. As you can see from the swatches below, Cold Copper is a champagne gold shade while Rose Ashes is a dusky pale pink shade.


Rose Ashes, Cold Copper

These are the perfect everyday eye make up shades because they are so easy to wear. I use the applicator to apply the product to my eyelids and blend it out with a fluffy blending brush, I'm sure you could use fingers to blend if you prefer. I've worn the shades alone and with brown eye liner smudged at the lash line or with black liquid liner as you can see below. You can also use one wash of colour or blend it out and layer up the product so that you get a more intense colour pay off. I'd imagine this would be great for the darker shades and because the formula is so lightweight it doesn't feel like you have lots of product on your eyelids. 


You can see above the fine pearlised pigment which looks stunning on the eyes, especially when it catches the light. 


I love the sleek packaging of the Eye Tints, I like that you can see the product in the tube. It's sturdy and hard wearing which makes them great for when you're travelling. I love the applicator as I find it gives a precise amount of product and makes it so easy to apply the Tints to my eyelids. You could also take a fine liner brush and use it as eye liner. 


Cold Copper, Rose Ashes


Cold Copper with brown liner


Rose Ashes with brown liner


Rose Ashes with liquid liner in direct daylight

I've been wearing these on an almost daily basis since I got them because I find them so handy for my morning make up routine when I don't have that much time to get ready but I still want to look like I've made an effort with my make up. Both of these shades look great with a bit of eye liner to define the lash line and then a bright lip shade. The lasting power is incredible too, you don't need to use any primer as they last all day (and night) without an sign of creasing which I find to be a huge bonus. I feel like these could be the perfect eye product for the warmer Summer months when you want to wear make up but don't want to worry about it smudging and melting from your face. 

There are some gorgeous shades I'd be interested in trying like Shadow, Senso, Green Iron and Emeraude. I definitely want to add some more of these to my collection. The Eye Tints are priced at €32 and are available in Ireland from Brown Thomas. I really think you get value for your money as the quality is second to none and to me it's such a unique product. 

What do you think? Have you tried these yet?



  1. I love this type of product. So easy to use. I really like the look of the Roses Ashes shade. It's not one I would of thought of buying but it's really pretty. And your liquid liner work is amazing! Gorgeous!

  2. Those shades are both gorgeous...the gold copper is narrowly my fav. I like that they're kinda soft and subtle for daytime wear but the shimmer ups the glam factor! Thanks for your lovely blog comment by the way..been loving your Instagram pics of your niece..she's a real cutie and looks like a right little character 😄

  3. love it ! i love those eyes, tnx for share


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