Friday, June 18, 2010

My Favourite Modclothing

Well it's the weekend again and I'm very happy! Work was very busy today, the phone was ringing off the hook and when I wasn't answering it I was making calls for customers. I like days like that because before you know it you're shift is over. I also said what I needed to say to my manager and she was very nice about it and open to my suggestions so that was great. I always feel better when I get things like that off my chest because otherwise I keep thinking about it even though it's not really a big deal.

I watched a documentary this evening called We Live in Public about Josh Harris, one of the 'Dot Com Kids' and his Big Brother type experiments including one in which he and his girlfriend lived in a loft filled with cameras that filmed every detail of their daily lives. I wasn't into it at first but it got very interesting and weird and crazy. It made me wonder how a couple could willingly put their relationship under such scrutiny. I found the idea terrifying! I won't say what happens but it's definitely worth the watch. I love a good documentary, I took a class on documentary in college and I really enjoyed it. I found the process of making a documentary appeals to me more than that of a fiction film. I think it's the way the story of a documentary sort of unfolds as you're filming whereas with fiction you know exactly what's going to happen in the story. Real people make the best characters.

I wanted to post some of my favourites from the current Modcloth collection. I love the store and if I had limitless funds (and they shipped to Ireland, which I don't think they do), I would buy a lot of dresses here.

[From top to bottom Baba- Blue Dress; Beach Picnic Dress; Frankly, I Don't Give A Dress; Grecian Green Dress; Maven of Majorca Dress, Temporary Secretary Dress; Varsity Vogue Jacket; Wear the Heart Is Jacket; Make a Wishbone Necklace; Sew Cute Earrings; Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Oxford University; Vanilla Skies Parasol]

Isn't the satchel such an amazing colour? There are earrings similar to these button ones in work that I have to get because they are adorable, and I have a wishbone necklace only it has coral beads instead of the gold chain. I've just noticed all of the dresses are the same shape! I love the red hearts on the duffle coat too! Imagine that and the satchel together. Cute! I just adore the names of everything, there was a hoodie called "LaFawnduh Hoodie", I thought that was pretty amazing. Maybe I'm just easily amused? Anyway there's no denying there's something for everyone on Modcloth. Here's hoping I'll get to buy a dress from them in the near future.

I'll leave you with some outtakes from yesterdays photo shoot. I've been playing around with photo editing and I must say I'm enjoying it quite a bit. My boyfriend bought photoshop so I should really teach myself how to use it, but for now I'm practising with Picnik just because it's very user-friendly.

[I think I look a bit evil in this one. Hmm]

What are your plans for the weekend? I'm going to go on a picnik tomorrow if the weather is nice and then to see MacGruber with my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend, can't wait! I love Will Forte! I'm off now to watch some more Millenium and eat some Mascarpone, Truffle and Passion fruit ice cream, yum!

Have a nice evening,

Em xxx

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  1. hi, they do ship to Ireland. Although, you have to pay about 50euros tax to UPS when they deliver your item.


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