Friday, June 11, 2010

Film Friday- Clueless


Oh man I'm so happy it's Friday! I've been a bit under the weather since Monday evening. I took Tuesday off work to try and recuperate and I thought I was okay when I was back in work on Wednesday, but then yesterday I got a bit worse. Having said all that, I'm feeling a lot better today, still got my Tiny Tim cough, but that's okay! Also it means I don't feel guilty catching up on my stories. I watched the season finale of Glee yesterday. It definitely got better again towards the end, but I'm still not convinced. I did cry at the very end though when Mr. Schu played that version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow because that's the song that was playing when Mark Greene died in ER (I don't think I'm ruining anything there). I also watched the first season finale of Modern Family. I wasn't too pushed on this at first, but with every episode I watched I liked it more and more. The two little boys are so funny and I love Ty Burrell, he's brilliant.

So, an explanation for the post title. I am juggling with the idea of doing a weekly film Friday where I will tell you about one of my favourite films and what it means to me. I'm not sure how it's going to go, so it's only a trial really.

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I chose Amy Heckerling's Clueless this week, as I watched it earlier. I don't know exactly when I first saw Clueless, I'd imagine I was young enough anyway. I would have only been 9 when it was released so I probably saw it a few years after that and I would say I' have seen it more than 25 times since then. I think any girl who grew up in the 90s will have seen Clueless, whether they loved or hated it is another thing. I would say Clueless is to the 90s what Fast Times at Ridgemont High is to the 80s (One of Heckerling's first films), the quintessential "High School" film. The thing that always appealed to me about it was that it is so far removed from my school experience. Well for one I went to an all girls school where our uniform skirts were down to our ankles in a hideous navy/bottle green check. I dreamed of having a virtual closet and a polaroid camera to take pictures of my outfits before getting dressed. It also introduced me to the gorgeous and hilarious Paul Rudd. "I like Josh"- Yeah Cher, me too! Ever since first seeing him as the adorable, Radiohead listening Josh (Fake Plastic Trees is my favourite Radiohead song), I think I fell in love. There was also great performances from the Princess Bride's Wallace Shawn, The Usual Suspect's Dan Hedaya, Donald Faison and in my opinion, the late Brittany Murphy's best performance. I have to admit, I also watched the spin off TV series religiously!

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I'll leave you with a video to a song from the end of the film that I was always sad wasn't on the soundtrack. What's your favourite School related/ 90s film?

General Public- Tenderness

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, hopefully we'll get some nice weather. Until next time!

Lovies Em xxx

PS. IT Crowd fans, the new series starts back on June 25th! I can't wait!!!

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