Monday, April 11, 2011

Film Style Inspiration- Mary Lennox (The Secret Garden)

My apologies for the lateness of this post. It was meant to happen last week but I didn't get around to it and it worked out better because the weather was so nice this weekend for taking photos.
I first saw The Secret Garden in the cinema for my sister's 6th birthday (I think). I've mentioned before how much I love the film and especially how I wanted to dress like Mary. I always think of her red beret, green coat and red velvet ribbons in the Winter scenes of the film, but there are also the scenes later in the film in the garden during the summer where she wears a pretty nautical inspired dress, a boater hat, broderie anglaise dresses and lace and ribbons.




This is what I was going for with these photos, or at least my interpretation of it. I even tried my hand at a little DIY with the hat and necklace.

We used a new location, the Botanic Gardens. Unfortunately because the weather was so nice it was very busy which made posing for photos extremely uncomfortable for me which is probably why I'm not as happy with this set of photos as I have been with previous ones. Anyway, I want to thank Donnacha for being patient with me and I hope you like the photos despite my awkwardness.


















This little guy jumped out at me and stood and looked at me for a few seconds before scurrying away, but I managed to sneak a quick photo of him as he climbed this tree, it was almost as if he was posing for me!

Hat and Bag- Penneys (Ivory Ribbon and Flowers added by me)
Ribbons- Hickeys
Dress and Shoes- Monsoon
Belt- Dunnes
Lipstick- Revlon 'Fire and Ice'

The key is one of four I ordered from Creative elements. I bought some different colour ribbons to wear with them. When we were walking into the Botanic Gardens a little girl who was walking with her mother pointed at me and shouted "she's wearing lip-stick, look mammy that girl is wearing lipstick!" Donnacha and I both got a laugh from that and wondered what was so fascinating about a person wearing lipstick?

Last night we had an impromptu party at our friend's house which was a lot of fun. We're also hosting a Screamathon at our apartment this week. We'll be watching Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3 (yes, I'm a big fan), then going to see the fourth film in the cinema on Friday.

On Saturday night we went to see a British band fronted by two sisters called The Unthanks. I hadn't heard much of their music but I really enjoyed the show, it was very relaxing and their was a great atmosphere, also one of the girls was at the merchandise stand and said she liked my dress which was awesome!

How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything interesting?

More photos from the Botanic Gardens tomorrow!

Emma x

PS. Two men lost their lives off the coast of Skerries last week whilst lobster fishing. Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers, something so close to home really makes you think about the fragility of life and how privileged we are to be here.


  1. you look picture perfect! I adore your hat and the ribbons in your hair. I too love this film (although I do think the book was better but that is usually the case with me). I also love the score for this film, its such beautiful music to accompany a gorgeous film

  2. Very sorry to learn about the deaths of those fishermen, Emma. On a much happier note I think your visit to the gardens yielded some wonderful pictures. A prettier face than yours would be very hard to find and the lipstick suits you perfectly! I am also a big fan of horror and horror parody movies. Enjoy your Screamathon, dear friend!

  3. Sad to hear about the men :/
    But you look so darling! That dress, the hat, oh, everything!

  4. I absolutely love your film inspired shoots, they always have a magical feel about them. They are also slightly moody which I adore, mine always end up over saturated and kind of 70s looking!

    My thoughts go to the men lost at sea and their families.

  5. The Secret Garden terrified me as a kid. But looking back on it now, you're right the style is great!!

  6. Lovely. Always enjoy your outfit posts

  7. these are like scenes from a movie! well done! you look spectacular in your floral dress. your photos are truly amazing...which is why i passed along the versatile style blogger award on to you!!! i did a post about it, check it out!


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