Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Old Family Photos- Part One

My Dad scanned some old photos and posted them on Facebook for my relatives living abroad to see, here are some of them.

My Parents in 1984

This is my parents in 1984 just after they got engaged

Corina, Liz and Mam

My cousin Corina, my aunt Liz and my mam on her Wedding Day in 1985

My Parents Wedding Day in 1985

My parents getting married, do you like the grey suits with the pink flowers?

My Mam on her Wedding Day in 1985

My mama looking very happy

Baby Emma

This is baby Emma, my mam says I was teething here, hence the big red face!

My First Birthday

This was my first birthday in my Granny's house, I still have that dress at home somewhere

Kate's First Christmas

My sister Kate and my mam, Christmas 1988

Little Emma

I was probably around 2/3 here, not quite sure

Kate, Sean and Emma in Granny's Backyard

I laugh at Kate's face in the little tractor every time I see this. That's our cousin Sean in the middle

Emma, Sean and Kate

This is the beach in Skerries where this photo was taken

What do you think? I still have to scan the photos I got from my grandmother. I'll have a post on that soon!

Hope your week is going well, I've had some exciting items arrive in the mail recently that I hope to share with you soon too!

Emma xx


  1. Ah, so sweet! You look like your dad.

    I remember going to weddings as a kid that looked exactly like that one :)

  2. You were an adorable baby and child, Emma, and you've grown into a striking young woman. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear friend!

  3. i love your mom's wedding dress and the gray suits, my husband and his groomsmen actually wore gray suits on our wedding day too!

  4. Oh my good lord that wedding dress is simply stunning I love it!


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