Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gilty Pleasure

I had been wanting to try the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range for ages! I finally decided to buy a bottle on a recent trip to a pharmacy as they only seem to be available in selected places and I haven't seen them around Dublin much. I went for Gilty Pleasure, which is a shimmery gold. To me this is a great colour as I will wear it in Summer and coming into Autumn as a really nice neutral and something a bit different to a muted nude or mink. 




I actually can't believe how long this has lasted on my nails. Five days to be exact! and that's even with wearing it in work. I rarely get more than two days wear from a nail polish without it chipping even a tiny bit. This lasted so well that I actually only got some wear on the very tips of my nails before I removed it. I am definitely going to get more of these the next time I see them. They retail in most pharmacies for €8.95 which for me is a lot of money to spend on a nail polish, but for anyone who is a bit obsessive about not having any chips in their polish, these really are a must have! 

What's your favourite nail polish at the moment? 

Emma x


  1. Emma,I love this post and you made me laugh. You are reminding me of ME! :)It is a postive thing, dear Emma, I can't stand even a tiny bit of chipped or worn nail polish. I even plan my colors of nail polish, I have even decided what color I am wearing next Sunday to church. My sister, daughter, and I discuss nail polish and my sister gave me three new bottles last week. I want to try this Sally Hansen type that you have used, it does seem durable. I am like you, I don't want to spend a lot of money on nail polish. I do like Revlon colors and the way it wears. For toes I like Revlon's "Love That Red". One of my favorites has been my Milani "Dress Maker" color. It is the copy of the Chanel pale green color from a couple of years ago. I think my next purchase will be a pale lilac color.

    The other day I bought some fake Kiss brand French nails. I have had good luck with those using 5 second glue. You don't want to wear them too many days though.

    Emma, your nails looked beautiful and I loved the color and it is perfect for fall.

    I admit I have a bit of a hang up, I could never expose my toes wearing sandals unless my polish was very neat with no chips.

    Seriously, Emma, I know you are such a well groomed woman and that is important. I want to look my best when I go out and am amazed at how some women (and men) don't seem to care about their appearance.

    Thank you, Emma, I enjoyed your post today!



    1. We seem to be very alike Cindy! I even get annoyed when I'm in work and one of my nails chips, I can't wait to get home and just remove my polish! I guess we all have little "quirks" like that! I definitely can't bare my toes if they're chipped! Haha! I've seen that brand Kiss before, I think they do false eyelashes too, I must check them out!x

  2. Love this colour, and I hate chipping so it might work for me!

    1. Give it a go if you can get your hands on one Emma!

  3. This is a very pretty shade, perfect for fall. I cant believe its lasted that long. I always manage to chip at least one nail within 24 hours of polishing my nails.

    1. I'm wearing it again for the second time and it's lasted me three days so far! I am so impressed! Definitely recommend this one!


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