Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Guide- Dunhill

It's now less than two weeks to Christmas and if you're anything like me you may have left the hardest people to buy for last on your list. Here are a few more gift ideas for the men in your life, all of the items shown below are from the classic Men's brand Dunhill


All of these gifts are based on what I have heard the men in my life say that they would like to receive as gifts. My little brother is constantly talking about how much he wants his own lighter even though he doesn't smoke and a nice fountain pen for school. This Turbo Wood Lighter is a great gift for the man who aspires to be one of the Sterling Cooper Draper Price boys on Mad Men. I am a huge lover of stationary, speciafically pens. I adore fountain pens and used one all through school as it was easier on my fingers than a ball point. I'm sure this beautiful Sentryman Black Resin Fountain Pen would be a dream to write with and I can imagine it might make writing those long essays a bit more bearable for my brother, or anyone who does a lot of writing in their daily life. 

This gorgeous Tan Leather Ipad Case is the perfect accessory for the man who is into his gadgets. If you're carrying around an expensive ipad, you might as well have the best cover to go with it. 

Another scarf you say? You may have noticed my obsession. I love buying people scarves because I love them, I always find it easier to shop for people when I'm interested in what shopping for. This Block Stripe Scarf is yet another men's scarf that I would love myself. The colour palette of tan, navy and grey makes it so versatile and the fact that it's 100% cashmere gives it that little bit of luxury and cosiness on those freezing Winter days in December and January. A perfect accompaniment to the scarf would be these Club Dark Havana Sunglasses for those bright days in Winter when the sun is low in the sky. 

Lastly is this set of Mini Stereo Speakers in their own case. These can link to Smart Phones, mp3 players and laptops and they have a rechargeable internal battery. I think they are amazing and I kind of want them myself.

I hope these gift guides have been helpful! I've definitely gotten a lot of ideas while researching for them.

Emma x

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  1. I am terrible at buying gifts for people.... It gives me a lot of anxiety! Idk what it is. It's a bizarre holiday to me. I'm gla you loved the film, too!! It was so so sooooo great!!!!!! :)

    Love, polly


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