Sunday, March 2, 2014

Velvet Tongue So Sweet Say Anything You Like

Last weekend we went to Skerries to see my mam who finally got out of hospital after a month. Thankfully she's on the mend although there is still no answer as to why she was so sick. Thank you for all the lovely comments and messages, it really helps during the hard times to know people are thinking of you. We headed down to the very windy beach to take some photos while we were there. 

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Coat- Monsoon
Scarf- Zara
Sunglasses- ASOS
Dress- Dunnes
Boots- Clarks
Cardigan and Rings- H&M
Belt and Earrings- Accessorize
Lipstick- Estée Lauder Black Cassis
Nails- Barry M Lychee

I wanted a furry cardigan/jacket for ages and I saw this one in H&M months ago but didn't get it before it went out of stock. Luckily it came back into stock after Christmas and I grabbed it. I got these boots as a Christmas present and they've barely left my feet since. I love them so much that I wish I'd gotten a second pair! The sunglasses were an early Autumn purchase that I've only gotten around to wearing recently. I got them thinking they'd be the perfect Autumn/Winter sunglasses since they're velvet. The coat is another Christmas present that I was so happy with because I didn't actually have a black Winter coat. It's a wool mix and lined so it's incredibly warm and the fur collar and cuffed sleeves give it that vintage look.

One of my favourite purchases of the Winter is this Zara scarf. I saw Lily Pebbles wearing it months ago and I fell in love. I went online straight away and it was sold out. None of the Zara branches in Dublin had it and I even emailed Zara to see if it was going to be coming back into stock and they said it wouldn't be so I resorted to stalking eBay for it. After about a week, I found a listing for it and placed my bid and won! I had it shipped to my aunt in Florida who sent it on to me because the seller didn't ship internationally. Excuse the long, uninteresting story but I just think it's funny the lengths us girls (and guys) go to for our style. Oh and just so you know the scarf is totally amazing and like a giant blanket and I love it!

I hope you all are doing well!

Emma x


  1. Hi dear Emma! I'm very happy to know your mam continues on the mend. I hope her health concerns are now behind her. These new pictures of you remind me of the old ones I've seen in years past, of you bracing against a chilly wind on a dreary day. Nevertheless, you look lovely as usual. Your aunt in Florida can tell you that we had delightful winter weather this weekend with sunny skies and warm temperatures.

    Please take good care of yourself, dear friend Emma, and have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Hi lady, sorry to hear about your mum being sick but I'm delighted she's on the mend! Love the photos, where did you buy the rings they are fab!! xx

  3. Delighted your mam is out of hospital and feeling better! Adore that lippie and your awesome sun glasses!

  4. Love the scarf - no wonder you had to have it! Great to hear your mum is doing better but must have been so worrying not to know why she was ill. Hope you're doing ok and minding yourself as well as your mum x

  5. Love this! Very Lorde indeed!

    Thrilled Mama Ol' Green Eyes is on the mend! x


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