Monday, March 10, 2014

Aria and Divine Spring/Summer 2014

I recently attended the Spring/Summer press day for two Irish boutiques, Aria and Divine. I've never been to either boutique so I was excited to see what brands and stock they were showcasing on the day. 

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Immediately I was struck by the incredible amount of colour in the room, I couldn't help but feel excited for the warmer months. Divine stocks a wide range of brands including Uttam, Yumi, Guess, Kevan Jon, Kling, Naf Naf and Blank among others. I spoke with the lovely Claire and Elaine on the day who explained that because Divine is located in Maynooth which has a large student population, they cater for all age groups and tastes. It's definitely apparent in the variety of pieces I saw on the day from the very classic to the printed, colourful and trend driven items. 

It was so nice to hear the ladies talk about the favourite brands, designers and pieces from the Spring/Summer collection. Their passion and enthusiasm for their boutique makes me want to pay them a visit very soon to see the place myself. 

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The lovely Karolynn, owner of Aria, took us through her gorgeous Spring/Summer collection including brands such as Marlene Birger, Tara Jarmon, Ted Baker and Ingenue London. She explained that after living in Finland for years she wanted to bring some European brands into Ireland that were previously unavailable here. 


WP_20140219_032 WP_20140219_034 WP_20140219_035 WP_20140219_038

I could definitely see the Scandinavian influence in Karolynn's choices. Among the gorgeous brightly coloured and printed pieces were a huge amount of classic, minimal pieces that I could see being in any woman's wardrobe for years. There were some stunning colours including green, cobalt blue, bright orange and hot pink as well as a great selection of monochrome and pastels. 

WP_20140219_040 WP_20140219_042 WP_20140219_048 WP_20140219_050 WP_20140219_051 WP_20140219_052 WP_20140219_055 WP_20140219_056 WP_20140219_057 WP_20140219_059 WP_20140219_060 WP_20140219_068 WP_20140219_070

A huge thank you to all of the lovely ladies I met on the day, I was so impressed with what I saw and I look forward to visiting both boutiques in the future.

Emma x


  1. Love the green dress with the cape sleeves!

  2. such fabulous details on so many of those pieces!!!! <3

    love, polly


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